The Big Day – 31 March 2012


The Big Day for “Toy’s Stories – Adventures for Toys” took place on 31 March 2012.
Here are some photos for a quick glimpse of our Big Day event – The Big Give.

The stage for the Big Give event - Wow!
To the right: "Jigsaw puzzle" made in boxes for this meaningful event - How very creative!

Parents volunteering to help out

Parent and child volunteering to help out

Toys... more toys... countless toys - Awesome!

Chess - such a great piece of educational toy for the next generation!
Two thumbs up!

Hi, Mr Potato Head!

Cupcakes for the participating children and parents -
sponsored by Swire Hotels - East (
Really yummy!

Parents and children getting seated for this meaningful "Big Give" event.
Welcome all to the "Adventures for Toys"!

BY Sim, the spokesperson of "Toy's Stories - Adventures for Toys" project,
welcoming all to the Big Day event

Principal of St Lorraine English Kindergarten (Yuen Long) giving thanks to all for their participation and
sharing the vision to take the spirit of "sharing" to the next level

Principal of Shamshuipo Kaifong Welfare Association Primary School giving thanks to all
for their participation and particularly to the "Toy's Stories" team
for bringing this meaningful event to life

Participating children getting together for a good shot and saying "Yeah!"

One of the get-together sessions where participating children coloured the "Toy's Stories" icon

Ryan and his masterpiece - a great artist of generations to come!

"Toy's Stories - Adventures for Toys", our Big Give project, was a hit.
The sharing spirit was everywhere.
Participating schools, both sharing and receiving parties, welcomed it with open arms.
Countless toys are on their way to a loving journey full of adventures.


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