We are a group of young professionals with a shared vision to teach and encourage charity amongst schools and children, commencing from Hong Kong and reaching out.  We aim to take children around the world on a fun ride of “Adventures for Toys”!

Do come and visit us at http://www.facebook.com/toysstories and take part in discussions and explorations on how we can better take the meaning, purpose and value of  charity to the next level amongst children of generations to come.

“A small child from a developing country has the advantage, from a very early age, of having access to toys which structure his mind, which constitute a sure advantage over the little African child who has never even held a modern toy.” – Abdoulaye Wade


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  1. The Vision of this initiative is to promote the meaning, purpose and value of sharing among children (especially preschoolers), with support from their parents and schools of course, through toys. We aim to encourage children to select one of their favourite toys, name the toy, tell a story about the toy (e.g. what it is), and share it with another child (other children) who is (are) less fortunate than them. We want schools and parents to get as much involved as possible, spending some quality time with their children, in this learning process.

    The concept of donation may imply someone “superior” giving away something no longer useful to them to someone “inferior”. So, the focus or the star of this initiative is TOY. We want our children to tell a story about one of their favourite toys and the story will be passed on to another child through sharing. The toy will then begin a series of adventures with the receiving child, hence the name “Adventures for Toys”. This initiative will start from Hong Kong and later expand to other countries to spread love, hopes and dreams.

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